Charlie Dog Claim



I have a claim on a pegmatite in the southeastern portion of San Diego County.  The dikes outcrop on the top of a small hill that overlooks the Carrizo Gorge, site of the "Impossible Railroad."  The dikes dip very gently to the west and range in thickness from a few inches to a couple of yards.  The main minerals of the dike are microcline, albite, quartz, muscovite, and schorl; with minor amounts of spessartine, lithian muscovite, and beryl.

I have found numerous small vugs but only one decent pocket.  That pocket produced several large smoky quartz crystals (about 6" x 4"), one pale blue-green aquamarine that grew against the side of one of the large smokies (the aqua was about 1.5" x 0.75"), several smaller non-smoky quartz crystals and a few smoky quartz crystals with included spessartines.  They are probably the most interesting specimens.  A couple of them were doubly-terminated and included dozens of 1-2 mm spessartines.  These quartz crystals range from 1 to 4 inches long.  My favorite specimen consists of two smoky quartz crystals about 2 inches long, welded together by a schorl that is inclined about 30 degrees to their long axis.  These quartz crystals also have many included spessartines, including some that breach the surface.

 Smoky Quartz with included spessartine garnets


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