New Pockets and Finds

What's New:

I recently found a "crack pocket."  It had a lot of smoky quartz that appeared to have spalled off and reformed as thin platy crystals, sometimes with curved faces.  Some of these were doubly terminated with multiple growth faces on both sides.  Very interesting, in some sense they look like Alpine gwindel crystals. With any luck this crack will turn into a real pocket.

After progressing a little farther along the pocket line, the crack pocket turned into several small vugs. Several quartz crystals were found including a couple of small smoky quartzes.  There was also a crystal with two crystals "welded" together and doubly terminated.  There are large cavities in this area which may or may not contain crystals.

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Do you know about any pockets that have been found in pegmatites recently?  Please let me know!  Send them to