Here are some links that might be of interest to pegmatite fans:

Millennium Inc. Home Page--Blue Shepherd, pegmatite miner extraordinaire, has this page. He owns two world famous mines: the Kelly Mine in New Mexico, perhaps the most famous Smithsonite locality in the world; and the Stewart Lithia Mine in California, famous for its hot pink tourmaline and tourmaline in lepidolite sunbursts.
The Pegmatite Zone --This page is put up by the Gem and Mineral Exploration Company and has some nice pictures of various pegmatite mines and their minerals, including the Stewart, Himalaya, and Blue Lady mines as well as the Pikes Peak area.
Pegmatites!!!!!--This page has a map of all the pegmatite localities in the US, as well as references to many papers on pegmatites.
Mining at the Orchard and GE Quarries -- These guys seem to hitting pockets right and left and they're pulling up some very nice beryllium minerals from several quarries in Maine. Check this page often because they're putting new finds up continuously.
Glacier Peak Art, Gems, and Minerals -- Joe Dorris and his family operate several claims in Colorado where they dig out spectacular amazonite, smoky quartz and associated minerals. If that's what you're looking for then he is the guy to contact.