Why have information on things other than pegmatites on the pegmatite page?  Well, as Richard Feynman once said, "...we should take our intellectual pleasures where we find them." Most importantly, these are subjects which I am interested in and it is, after all, my web page.


Relativity: The Special and General Theory --  Here is a link to Einstein's book on relativity for the layman. While Einstein may have is detractors, there's little doubt that he was the greatest scientist to walk on this planet since Isaac Newton.

The Net Advance of Physics -- This is a collection of review articles on many subjects in physics, free for the viewing.

The Internet Pilot fo Physics -- An odd name, but a nice way to find your way around physics resources on the web.


Samizdat Press -- One of the best resources for geophysicists on the web.  Here you can download complete, advanced books on many topics in geophysics, including seismology, seismic imaging, continuum mechanics, inverse theory and more.

Southern California Earthquake Data Center -- Did you feel that? Was that an earthquake? Find out all the info on earthquakes in California, updated as they happen.


There are just scads of great meteorology links out there, for some reason meteorologists fell COMPELLED to share their data with rest of us, and we thank them for it. Here's a few that will get you started.

Unisys Weather -- Here you can find almost anything you could ask for, from current maps to forecast maps to satellite photos.

PCMDI NWP Weather Maps -- The US Navy kindly supplies us with these animations of various numerically forecast maps, including the AVN, MRF and NOGAPS models.

National Hurricane Center -- Find out if there's excitement brewing in tropics

Geostationary Satellite Server -- Get your satellite photos, straight from the horse's mouth.

National Weather Service San Diego -- I can't forget my hometown NWS office.  You can link to any other NWS office from here also.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Weather Page -- A nice collection of links AND you can find out what's doing on the Scripps Pier, updated in real time.

San Diego AMS -- The San Diego Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

Storm Track -- An online version of the magazine devoted to storm chasing.

Chuck Doswell's Home Page -- Doswell is one of the most famous and successful storm chasers, and an excellent scientist to boot. Lots of interesting references and discussion are here, including a FAQ on safety and storm chasing.

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